Tuesday, November 26, 2002

"It's Blog, It's Blog, It's big it's heavy it's wood;
It's Blog, It's Blog, It's better than bad it's good.
Everyone loves a Blog, you're gonna love my Blog!"

I find that it's always good to start a new venture with optimism and a sub-sub-subreference. So there it is. The plan is that this will be your standard issue Blog, perhaps a bit short on the links until I get a job (more on that later), get out of the house (much more on that later), and get a faster connection. But otherwise, diary, commentary, reviews, rants--all the standard issue stuff I guess.

Before getting too far, I suppose I should note that the title of this shindig comes from the name of my hometown and current place of residence. It's a tiny hamlet that exists only because of Henry Clay. It's not without its charm--unfortunately it's without just about everything else, so I will be leaving again as soon as I can get regular employment.

You know your life has taken a strange turn for the weird when you have an advanced degree (OK, an M.A. in History--but that counts, dammit!) from a reputable university and your current job involves nothing more or less than working in a coal mine doing data entry. And, for that matter, going to lunch means driving into the nearest town across the Mason-Dixon Line.

One other thing I'll mention for now is that during my unemployment I decided I wanted to find some new authors and new books (new in the "if you haven't seen it, it's new to you" sense). In that vein I came across this list, of which I had read seven already and have now read 18 and counting. Watch this space for reviews or at least some meditations as I proceed.

Thanks for reading; more to come...


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