Tuesday, June 12, 2007

David the Future Roommate is going to the likely future apartment again tomorrow, and if he doesn't find a dozen rats (unlikely) or get in a shouting match with the landlord (less likely still), we will officially have our new apartment by the end of business (PDT) tomorrow. Suffice it to say that these were our criteria: 2+ bedrooms, 2+bath, 2+ parking, < 2 blocks to Venice Beach, good-sized kitchen, and within our price range; we've met or exceeded all of them!!

Jamarcus Russell could hit the beach from our place throwing from his knees.


Anonymous said...

It sounds awesome! I hope it goes/has gone well :)

Joe said...

thanks, anonymous, that means a lot coming from no one in particular

Mark said...

Considering the state of the Raiders, the idea of Russell throwing from his knees seems apropos.

Congrats on the place!