Thursday, August 30, 2007

So, the rule for the future is: post or post not. There is no "planning to". Some form of trip synopsis will be forthcoming, but the ambitious town-by-town plan has been scuttled a bit because in all honesty when you go to 7 cities, it's kind of hard to remember the first 3 by the end.

Oh, and there's the slight matter that I'm taking off from Beallsville first thing tomorrow morning for the West Coast, via former regular commenter frank tanana's new gig in Oxford, Mississippi. I should be in Venice Beach sometime on Labor Day.

And, I'll be travelling in MY NEW CAR!!!


Anonymous said...

Did you get California emissions?

Greg said...

They give those out with JDs, don't they?

Mark said...

Wait, then where's mine? Oh, they probably only give them to people who actually take law talking jobs. Dang.

A California lawyer driving a BMW? Arnie Becker, is that you?

Customer Numero Uno said...

Interestingly enough, Frank Tanana was my 8th grade basketball coach!