Saturday, September 22, 2007

The following things happened yesterday:

  1. I had lunch at a salad bar place near my office, and the other two new associates who I went with tell me that some girl from something called The Hills was in line when we checked out. I barely know what this means, but they were furiously texting people from their Blackberries (Blackberrys? Because it's a proper name?) and generally freaking out.
  2. My new secretary offered to put me on the list for his upcoming show at the Key Club on the Sunset Strip.
  3. I met a very cool girl who may or may not be into me (links withheld at least until I figure this out, but I'm cautiously optimistic where digits are divulged, as they were here) who was in one of my favorite TV episodes of the past several seasons, which she hasn't seen but which I have.
So yeah, L.A. is pretty much like anyplace else.


Unknown said...

Being one of those new associates who was furiously texting others simply in the interest of making them jealous (they were all out-of-staters), I feel I must correct Joe's good-faith effort at identifying said celebrity from The Hills. Rather than Heidi (who I hope never to encounter), it was the lovely Whitney who graced the salad bar with her presence ( However, if Whitney had told me to guess 3 cents lower on my salad price, I would have eaten for free. I am now disillusioned.

Joe said...

I spent far too long trying to sort this out on imdb, but I figured that there was no way I'd be called on it anyway. I forgot that we were all hired for our research skills. Not that glancing at someone's facebook profile takes mad skillz, but still.

Anonymous said...

Your secretary is smokin' hot.