Sunday, July 17, 2005

I picked up some filing supplies this weekend. Because my maturity knows no bounds I had meticulously saved bank statements, tax paperwork and the like for a number of years; because my tendency toward inertia smacks down my maturity, I had been carrying around these things and any number of other pieces of paperwork in manila folders, plastic bags, and similar containers. I had seven years of tax paperwork, for instance, in an opened Priority Mail envelope. Also, many of the credit card and bank statements were still in envelopes with offers for magazines, checks to write against the credit card for the financially moronic, etc. So after two hours of sorting out many years of this crap, I now have it all in file folders in a milk-crate-style container, plus a garbage can full of envelopes. It's a little weird to see all the paperwork in one place; on the other hand, it's nice to confirm that a pinch, I could now find my birth certificate without going through 4 years of W-2's.

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