Saturday, July 09, 2005

I went canoeing today for the first time in I can't even guess how long. Tom and I navigated 2.5 miles of the roaring Huron River (average depth: nine inches) in about 2.5 hours, including walking-it-across-the-rocks and dislodging-it-from-the-cement-thingy time. Helpful hint: If you need an excuse to clean out the old business cards in your wallet that you don't really need any more, having your wallet in your pocket when you fall in the river provides a really good one. Also, try not to get too demoralized by the van ride that takes approximately 7 minutes to do the return journey it just took you 150 minutes to paddle with the current. Also, massive kudos to Caitlin for remembering sunscreen, and to her boyfriend Eric for dislodging us from the cement thingy. Jeers to Tom and I for failing to make even one "That's a paddlin'" joke the entire trip.

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