Saturday, October 08, 2005

So I am sitting here at Espresso Royale, for the first time in my law school career skipping a home football game. The sad fact is that I felt the need to come here and write this post get some work done. How did it come to that?

Step one: At the Moorsley wedding a few weeks ago, I found out that some Michigan and Chicago types are descending on Kalamazoo tonight for the New P0rnographers concert. I'm kind of a fan, so I thought it sounded like fun, and so I'm headed out to western part of the state tonight, to K-zoo and on to spend the night in Grand Rapids with the gang at Geoff's.

(This also provided me with my best on-my-feet moment of interview season. Last Thursday Kalamazoo somehow came up in conversation at lunch, and I said, "Oh, I'm going there next weekend to see The New P0rnographers." Awkward silence. I explain they're an indie band of some repute. Continue awkward silence. So I say, "It's OK, I'll know them when I see them," which of course is a very law geeky joke. They laughed way more than I expected [or deserved], but I was very thankful for it and we moved on from there.)

Step two: I am on the Journal of Law Reform, (no, really) and we have to write something disingenuously called a "Note" that amounts to a term-paper length, potentially publishable piece on an open question of law or proposing some legal change. OK, actually we don't have to write a Note, but we have to write part of a Note and a proposed roadmap for completion. Our first deadline, with bibliography and outline, is due next Friday the 14th. I though this weekend would be a good time to, you know, figure out my topic and whatnot.

Step three: Profit.

Step four: I thought I could still go to the game if I worked most or all of Friday evening. Then I'm walking back from the gym around noon yesterday, and a friend stops me in the street and asked if I wanted tickets for last night's Foo Fighters/Weezer concert at Joe Louis Arena. (More on that later.) So Friday night was shot.

Step five: I must exalt Blue to Go from afar.

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