Thursday, May 18, 2006

The football player with Los Angeles and Pennsylvania ties has won the Republican primary setting up a challenge in November with a formidable Democratic incumbent. No, not this guy. I'm talking about current Los Angeles Avenger Greg Hopkins, who won the local primary here for the 50th District of the PA state House. Here's a nice profile, though it really doesn't explain how his career as a wide receiver/linebacker has prepared him for Harrisburg. The profile does answer some important questions, such as are there actually towns around here 5 times smaller than Beallsville? (yes, Nineveh, pop. 88) and is it possible to have an 11-year arena football career? (also yes)

Not much new to report here--still leaving Saturday, still shooting for L.A. on Tuesday evening. The unquestionable highlight of my week was finishing 2nd in a 30-person poker tournament at my brother's bar (he tends and bounces), and the specific highlight was this: With 7 people at the table, the guy with the 4th biggest stack out of 7 (I was 2nd biggest) decided to buy a pot by going all-in as the dealer. I'd called before that, planning to raise heavy on the flop, but laying low until then. I was the only one who met the challenge. He flips over his KQ suited, and I countered with what I think were my first ever pair of pocket aces. The table went nuts, and I took the guy down.

I would've won the whole shebang too because I had a slight chip lead when we got down to 2 people, but the other guy went all in with 2 kings and got a 3rd on the river, and it was all-but over at that point. Still, it was nice to sit down at a table with people who play regularly and more than hold my own.

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