Saturday, May 20, 2006

Sometimes you just have to drive 915 miles in a day. I don't recommend it, but sometimes it's the thing to do. It sucks a little extra to do that, only to end up in Topeka. So after being turned away by the Super 8, here I am overpaying at Sleep Inn. Though, admittedly, it probably doesn't compare to how I'll overpay if I get to Moab tomorrow as hoped. A day like this is always kind of a blur, as random thoughts pop in and out of your mind all day, and (like dreams) you forget most of them as quick as they come. But I do remember thinking: hmmm, possible state chamber of commerce motto: Missouri Loves Companies!

Also, Illi-NWAH is a boring state to drive across, but I have 356 more miles of Kansas ahead of me tomorrow, after which it might look like the Emerald City. Or at least one of those Emerald Nuts commercials.

BTW, I promised the semi-anonymous proprietor of Brain P**n (linked in the blogroll as Interim32) that I would help him reach his goal of 200,000 subscribers so he can make blogging his day job. I hope he's not sitting around waiting for that to happen, but you should all read him anyway; it's the most consistently well-written blog I've seen.

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