Monday, July 24, 2006

For the first time in along time, this weekend was not about the firm at all. No events. So I can actually talk about some of what happened.

I went with a group to Fogo de Chao last night. It's one of those Brazilian barbeque places I'd heard so much about, where they just keep bringing meat to your table until you say uncle, and then maybe they bring just a little bit more. The meat varied in quality, but the variance was from pretty damn good on up. It was easily the most expensive meal I've ever paid for myself, but it was worth it.

Today was all about two things: completely lacking in any hunger at all, and avoiding the heat. L.A. has been on the high end of average temperatures for this time of year, but it's been combined with very unusual high humidity levels. It's been pretty miserable for about a week and a half. Yesterday was all about air-conditioning; today was about getting out to Malibu to hang out at/in the ocean. Nice way to beat the heat, I must say.

Last night I was in pretty early after dinner, but unwisely I stayed up pretty late playing online, and then made an unfortunate discovery. The good news is that if a water main breaks, L.A. will send out a crew to fix it at any hour day and night. The bad news is that if that involves jackhammering through a residential street between 3 and 5 a.m., so be it. I might have slept through it if I'd already been asleep, but there was no way I was getting to sleep with jackhammers going off 300 feet away. So today has been a groggy day, on insufficient and weirdly timed sleep, which I should get back to.

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