Sunday, July 16, 2006

I attended large portions of the Game Show Congress this weekend. I mean the following comment with all due respect and love for both groups: amazingly, game show fanatics may be even a slight bit dweebier than quiz-bowlers. I say this because they're basically the same people, but quiz-bowlers have the mitigating factor of being young and naive. Most of this weekend's attendees were old enough to know better. But still, good times.

I sort of knew this already, but the trivia world is freakishly small sometimes. As far as I could tell, about 100-150 people attended this thing. There were two I knew who I knew would be there. Then there were a couple of other quiz-bowl types I knew who I didn't know would be there. Then it turned out that one of the guys I've played pub trivia with or against this summer was The Other Guy in the finals of the Jeopardy Ultimate Tournament of Champions, along with Ken Jennings and That Dude Who Won. Then, it turns out another guy I've been playing pub trivia with and against has been on Jeopardy a number of times and has written a well-reviewed forthcoming book about the experience--and he gave an excellent reading yesterday.

I had a lot of fun with the Congress, but I also had to get from the Westside to Burbank three straight days, to a Malibu firm corporate department-sponsored brunch today, to a firm litigation department-sponsored bowling event Wednesday night (which had the misfortune of being counter-programmed at Hollywood & Highland against the filming of the ESPYs), a
firm labor and employment department-sponsored CLE event on Tuesday night, etc. etc. etc. Let's just say I have very little desire to get off of the couch all month evening.

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