Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Quick hits (some of which aren't even football related):

  • A 48-hour turnaround time on an 11-hour roundtrip is a pain in the ass, but was worthwhile. Got to see the fam, including my dad's sister from New York. Also got to see the most important Steeler game of the night in person--and the less said about that the better.
  • Except for this: Heinz Field after a loss is not a fun place.
  • And this: the best jersey spotted was a #16 block-number Mark Malone. Nice.
  • Counting points is a little less painful than counting calories. A little. So far.
  • There are a zillion fun websites out there for killing time, but if you want to learn about interesting stuff in the process, it's hard to beat Arts and Letters Daily, a collection of literary, artistic, scientific, and political links from all over (though a bit Brit-centric at times). Just today I read articles about Dubai, the origin of Trader Vic's, the American last slave ship and Bob Newhart. Imagine what I could've gotten through if I had one more class!
  • Oh yes, classes. I'm calling this my semester of obligation. I'm taking Transnational Law (required), Ethics (basically required), Jurisdiction and Choice of Law (fundamental, especially given my switch to litigation, which I see I haven't mentioned; I'm going into the litigation department, not corporate transactions as I thought going into the summer), and Federal Indian Law (something different).
  • I'm only committing to one new show so far this fall, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. I've always liked Matthew Perry, and SNL, and I've been looking for a semi-dramatic show I could follow from the get-go. People seem to like the Sorkin shows, although I haven't really seen much of his post-A Few Good Men work.
  • So far so good on the house front. I'm in a 5-bedroom, 5-person house this year, and I'm very happy not to be in a dorm or a sublet.
  • This is fun, let's do this more often...

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