Saturday, July 28, 2007

Ontario, California in late-July is pure hot, and my first night in town the only restaurants I could find for dinner were a defrocked Sizzler and, eventually, a frocked Sizzler. My hotel turned out to be a motel (not a Holiday Inn), and I think my four-day stay was about 96 times that of its typical customer. The three-hour question in the last session was a wills contest about a father who had died in the last month, and I had to take five minutes to recover after reading it.

On the other hand, plenty of friends were out there too, and we had really nice dinners Tuesday and Wednesday night. The questions otherwise fell nicely, as my three most desired topics to avoid (Civil Procedure, Criminal Procedure, Corporations) based on what I short-shrifted in the last two weeks of studying all failed to come up. I think I slam-dunked three of the six essays, and I didn't flail about cluelessly on any question (or, at most, one). Also, I bought a hat before my head sunburn got out of control.

And yesterday I found that the Venice apartment was everything I had been told.

So, all in all, not a bad week.

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FoundClothing said...

I guess your friend told you that we sat next to each other in Chicago ... she was nice! Speaking of friends, here's that guy I know in LA:

I'm pretty sure that I didn't pass, but I wasn't ready to invest all that time into studying for it. We'll see. I didn't feel very confident afterwards ... more like I didn't know anything about the law. I finished the MBE sections ahead of time, which is probably a bad sign.