Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Tickets have been purchased today, so I am officially headed to Eastern Europe after all of this bar exam rigamarole is over. We're (4 of us total) flying into Prague on August 4th (leaving JFK on the 3rd) and flying out of Istanbul on the 22nd. The rest is, for the most part, TBD. Obviously, we're definitely spending a few days each in Prague and Istanbul. In between, Eastern Europe is our oyster--most likely we'll go from Prague to Budapest, and then we're still deciding whether to go down Croatia way or head to Romania and Bulgaria. Croatia is supposed to be awesome, but it's a tad out of the way unless we want to head over the Balkans through areas where there are unexploded land mines and people who haven't been told the war is over. Romania has Dracula tourism, Bulgaria has Black Sea beaches, and both are sure to have lots of ugly looking Warsaw Pact-Era buildings. Either way, it promises to be a memorable 2.5 weeks.


Julie said...

Sounds great! Post lots of pictures!

We just made arrangements to go to Italy for three weeks this fall. We know we're flying into Venice and out of Palermo, but most of the middle is still as TBD as your trip. The itinerary will definitely include the hometowns of both of my maternal grandparents, and quite probably the site of the airfield where my father spent World War II. Other than that, we'll be figuring out most of it over the next two months, so I'm looking forward to reading about your adventures!

Jeff said...

That sounds like fun. I would, however, avoid watching Hostel or its sequel prior to your trip.