Tuesday, December 10, 2002

I got back from Washington DC this afternoon, where I had gone for a job interview, networking, and to see some friends. The interview seemed to go well--it was a group then individual thing. I'm more experienced than the other guys they talked to, who were straight out of college types. I have a good feeling about this one, but then again I had a good feeling about this one and this one, so who knows what that means. Perhaps more importantly, an old friend and colleague from Pitt set up a lovely dinner party/blatant networking session for me Sunday night, and that also seemed to go very well. With a bit of luck, I will soon be inflicted on our nation's capital. The seeing of frineds, of course, also went well because (after all) they are friends. I also learned that an Aerobed will experience significant deflation overnight when someone of my size sleeps on it, but that's another story altogether. I also learned that it's possible to give up 47 yards and lose by 18, and good Lord do I not want to talk about that any more.

Now I get to look forward to commuting to the coal mine tomorrow in an ice storm. Ice storms are not fun--well, except for this one.

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