Monday, December 16, 2002

This is a do-over after yesterday got eaten. Has anyone else noticed that trying to blog regularly means deciding between writing aobut the things you do, and actually doing them? Bummer. Maybe the DSL we're supposedly getting this week will help.

Omigod, like, gag me with a spoonerism!
Saturday my brother and I discovered that our cable company has benevolently decided to give us about 7 new MTV/VH-1 stations, including VH-1 Classic. Nevertheless, I have managed to leave the house a couple of times. But I discovered that, while my brother and I don't have a lot to bond over, an '80s marathon including acts such as Belinda Carlisle, Tiffany, and Whitesnake as well as conversation about Nightmare on My Street is high on that short-list.

Now up to H-J working my way through my CDs, I hit Merle Haggard today. I think Haggard appeals to me because he speaks to universal themes that touch us all. Most notably:
1. I'm drunk
2. I'm in jail
3. I'm drunk, now it's closing time, and I have nowhere to go
4. I'm out of jail, but that just means I'm homeless
5. I'm in jail, therefore I can't drink
6. I'm drunk, but there's so much pain that drinking no longer helps
7. I'm from Oklahoma

Congratulations to DEK on a hard-won semifinal fantasy victory that will hopefully not be lorded over me for more than a decade or two. Since he gave me a Steeler ticket yesterday for the second time this season, I guess I can't complain.

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