Thursday, December 05, 2002

Snow Day!!!
The Beallsvonian is publishing today in spite of six inches of snow on the ground. This was my first winter storm in five years at least (seeing as this is my first winter in five years), and I had forgotten some of the fun and had never experienced other parts. Specifically, this was the first time I've owned a car during a winter storm. I got up this morning, showered and ate breakfast as if I was going to work, and then--in the words of Julia Sweeney--God Said Ha! I spent over 10 minutes cleaning off my car, which is about one minute for every 10 yards I got before I discovered that my car had no traction and was Bartleby-like in its refusal to move. This is a bad place to make that decision, since it's on a hill with no turnaround and a blind curve not too far further up said hill. Luckily, the truck coming down the hill as I made the awkwardest 180 since Oliver Miller last tried a reverse jam got more traction than I did, and was able to stop without plowing (or slamming--pick your pun) into me. Three minutes later, I was on the phone with the mine letting them know I'd be staying home--a good decision since (a) the farther south the deeper the snow this time, and (b) this was actually the most major road I'd be travelling on. The day was spent productively napping and playing cards.

While flipping briefly to the Hawks/Bucks game on TNT, I caught the halftime on-court interview with Glenn "I stole Antoine Carr's nickname" Robinson, who said this was a big game because it was against his former team and because "if we win, we'll be in the 8 slot". "THE 8-SLOT?!" Dude, it's freakin' December! Early December! Most people won't notice that the NBA season has started for 2 more months!

This Sunday I'm headed for DC where in 48 hours I need to see two people I haven't seen in years, one I haven't seen in months, one I haven't seen in a month, and oh by the way interview for a job. Wish me luck! I'm going to need a weekend to recover from my weekend...

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