Sunday, February 15, 2004

Can I just say that the NBA All-Star Concert (now with game included) has officially jumped the shark, the dolphin, the whale, and possibly the whole damn ocean?! First there was Outkast performing their hits before getting back to their gig at Johnny Rocket's. Then Nelly Furtado butchered the beautiful O Canada by singing a verse in some Moonman language. Then the actual highlight was Christina Aguilera actually finding a way to modernize the Star-Spangled Banner and doing a pretty good job with it--she gave it a slight hip hop edge backed only by a drummer; trust me, somehow it worked.

Then, of course, I put on a movie, because there's no way I'm going to watch the first three quarters of a "game" where no one is particularly trying.

But then the moment we were all waiting for: they cut to Craig Sager on the sidelines, who's with a guy proposing, which is always nice, but then they pan over and he's proposing to STAR FREAKIN' JONES!!!!!! We then learn from the sideline report that they're been going out for four months, and that Star loves three things in life: (cut to evil voice in Joe's head: "please mention food, please mention food, please mention food...") basketball, her friends, and diamonds (cut to eviJh: "TWINKIES! you've gotta get TWINKIES in there"), so he's giving her a big-ass (eviJh: heh!) diamond.

Star accepted.

Apparently the game continued on after that, but I sprained my pons and had to go lie down.

This was unquestionably the cheesiest thing I saw today.

And that's saying something, because I watched Mommie Dearest this morning. More on that when (eviJh: IF!) I recover...

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