Sunday, February 01, 2004

There was a party last night for the teachers for the Major Test Preparation Company for which I sometimes teach. Nice little party, good food, smart people. And, perhaps most surprisingly, the first time in years and years I was at a party where the major libation was Jello shots. When I got home and said something about this, Jeff said, "You didn't have a Jello shot, did you?" I said of course not. I had half a dozen of them.

The three of us (Jeff's girlfriend is down for the weekend) ended up staying up late watching odd TV, most notably a couple of episodes of Elimidate. The formula seems pretty consistent: the first one to go is the quiet one, then the psycho, then the guy decides between the slutty one and the somewhat less slutty one. But I actually felt physically uncomfortable at the date discussion, because it was nothing but the four women making passive aggressive (and not-so passive aggressive) comments back and forth about each other. It seems like just about the most awkward social situation possible, and then you have to watch people make fun of you on TV. I'm not clear on why the women do it.

Now, from the guy's perspective, they always keep the slutty ones around, so I am pretty clear on why the guys do it.

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