Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Fox Sports West 2 (motto: "For when one channel of Van Earl Wright and Big Sky football just won't suffice") is currently showing something called "Laker Living Room". Basically, the concept is that you watch [owner's daughter/Phil Jackson main squeeze] Jeanie Buss, Mrs. Shaq, Mrs. Kurt Rambis, Lisa Leslie, and Leeann Tweeden (from the network) as they, um, watch the Laker game. It's kinda like watching Mystery Science Theater, if Joel, Mike and the bots were sleeping with Lee Van Cleef, Mamie Van Doren, and Roger Korman. And Lisa Leslie was there.

They actually started with a segment where they asked whether the various players "Got Game" based on how they dressed entering the arena. To the shock and dismay of none, everybody got game except for Devean George. This is officially the low point in the history of sports, TV, irony, the Los Angeles Basin, and round things.

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