Tuesday, June 08, 2004

I've got limited online time tonight, because we are still three in the apartment (I'll explain later) and everyone has things to do. Suffice it to say that Houston was fun--more on that later. I will say that every time I get on a plane lately, I end up mad at people with peanut allergies. Thanks to you, one of the few pleasant things about the airplane experience has been replaced with my least favorite snack food: freakin' pretzels. Horrible. That's the worst snack food in the history of carbohydrates. (Sorry. Luke Walton's 1st-half explosion is apparently rubbing off.)

UPDATE!: Since many of you know that I've been waiting anxiously to hear about housing for the fall, I thought I'd let you know that I got my lease in the mail today for the Lawyer's Club. Yay! Back to communal showers and a meal plan! Um, I mean...Yay! Back to rolling out of bad and being in class 10 minutes later!

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