Friday, June 11, 2004

So a few months ago the plan became that Jeff's girlfriend would be moving in June 1, after she graduated from Berkeley and went on a brief trip with Jeff to Idaho and Oregon. This was basically a good thing, if for no other reason than splitting expenses into more, smaller pieces. Then cracks started to emerge in the plan, as it seemed the relationship might not last the trip. It did, but the result was a mutual decision that moving in together was premature. But in the meantime, she is living here while she searches for a permanent place.

There is one major plus, being that Sara's presence raises the number of people in the apartment who cook to one. So we're eating some meals with actual ingredients, actually combined and heated right here in our own apartment. Good stuff. The downside is all the stuff you'd generally associate with adding a person to an apartment without subtracting one--a tighter bathroom schedule (at least concern over such), more competition for the DSL and TV, etc. But also, I've always found it psychologically difficult too to spend a lot of time with a couple when I'm single (which has been basically always). Yes, I understand that lots of people out there are doing it, even when you aren't, but that reality is a little more salient when it's happening in the next room. I'm not saying I want my friends and roommates to be losers who aren't getting any either, but yeah, I guess deep down I actually do. (Note the mentality that doesn't even stop to consider the converse. Very healthy, I know.)

On a totally separate note, I've been reading McSweeney's again lately. I'm not sure why I ever stopped. Don't make the same mistake. When I get time, I'm going to work on my Open Letter to a Sestina.

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