Tuesday, June 01, 2004

OK, the aforementioned "more later".

Tim was in town this weekend, which traditionally means hitting all our favorite restaurants, and hitting Eddie Brandt's for disaster movies. We've pretty much exhausted all the titles you've heard of, so we're down to things such as this weekend's fare: Rollercoaster, When Time Ran Out... , and one of the 4 or 5 most famous movies named Virus.

Rollercoaster is somewhere between disaster movie, detective flick, and thriller, and it features some of Helen Hunt's finest pre-Quarterback Princess, pre-throwing herself out a second story window because of angel dust work.

Virus is a movie about a virus that wipes out the entire population of earth except for the people at Antarctic bases, who are then wiped out by nuclear weapons triggered by a Doomsday Device-type of system that is activated by an earthquake. Except it's not quite as upbeat as that makes it sound. But it does feature George Kennedy, so it qualifies as a first-rate disaster movie on that criterion alone.

When Time Ran Out... is The Poseidon Adventure, except the boat is a resort hotel on a remote island, the tidal wave is a volcano, priest Gene Hackman is oil rigger Paul Newman, and former swimming champion Shelley Winters is former vaudeville high-wire walker Burgess Meredith. Unless you have a compulsive need to see mediocre disaster movies or have always wondered what an Alex Karras-Ernest Borgnine-Jacqueline Bisset-Red Buttons-Pat Morita movies would look like, feel free to pass this one up.

As for the near nervous breakdown at work on Friday, it was a combination of a depressing lack of movement on some personal matters meeting a sudden revulsion at my boss's wackiest obsessive-compulsive tendencies (specifically, an hour spent on 5 drafts of the covers for binders that are for internal use only--don't ask), plus trying to squeeze a few too many hours in Wednesday through Friday. A long weekend seems to have done wonders for my mental health though, as has focusing pretty hard on the number 10.5 weeks--the number I have left at my job.

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