Sunday, November 14, 2004

It started with a simple question (no, not, "Would you eat the moon if it were made of ribs?"): In countries where they have eliminated their lowest currency bill, what is the economic effect at strip clubs? Is there a lot less tipping, making it less lucrative, or an equal amount of tipping with higher bill amounts, making it more lucrative? This should have been one of those fun speculative debates that one has with one's fellow law students over dinner.

But then I came back from the men's room and found out that everyone had realized we were 45 minutes away from impirical evidence in the form of Windsor, Ontario. In the name of research, we had to go.

The evening was remarkably sedate for a border run designed to go straight to places to drink, but I should report our findings, of which there were three:

  1. One possibility is tipping with the loony, but that just didn't work very well
  2. Others tipped with 5 "dollar" bills, and they seemed to be rewarded with somewhat more extensive attention than might be otherwise expected.
  3. Finally, since we never got more than about 5 blocks from the border, the most common option should have occurred to us: most people tipped with $1 bills. Duh.

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