Friday, April 22, 2005

I don't know what this says about the stress level, but...

Things I don't:

  • Do:
    • Practice Santeria

  • Have:
    • Crystal ball
    • $1 million
      • Did, but spent it all

Things to Do:
  • Find Heina
    • Slap down

  • Find Sancho
    • Pop cap

  • Find a Heina of own
  • Love one and all
  • Live it out

Things I can't define:
  • What I really wanna know
  • What I really wanna say

Things to tell Sanchito:
  • Best go run, hide
  • Daddy has new .45
    • won't think twice to stick barrel straight down throat

  • Should believe me
    • got something for punk-ass

Things soul will have to do:
  • Wait

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