Wednesday, April 27, 2005

UPDATE: In response to WestBerkeleyFlats's excellent question, I listened and compared the two versions. BF2 has quite a bit going for it, and I'm particularly fond of the team fight song meme whereby the current year's players can be inserted into a pre-existing song for new fun each and every year. (See, e.g.) But in the end I don't think you can beat the original due to the "12 years straight/play that great" rhyme, and the reference to not mattering which county you're from, which all but says that they were the White Flight Bullets at that point and were "Washington" in name only.


Have you ever wished that a whole bunch of music about the Washington Bullets had been collected in one place? Well, God Shammgod's Mix Tape is for you.

My favorite part has to be Nils Lofgren's "Bullets Fever":

They've made the playoffs for 12 years straight
It takes a lot of pride to play that great
Seven years in DC have given us all
A magic game called basketball
Makes no difference which county you're from
The speeding Bullets play for everyone

In a related note, it's good to see Wizard fans aren't bitter people. If I were DEK, I'd probably rate that link as "25 points" for the history of Argentina value. OK, maybe not--but the history of Argentina in the last link is quality humor, even if you don't care about basketball, Argentina, and/or wizardry.

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