Monday, June 20, 2005

This was my weekend to explore Michigan a little bit. Saturday night Mike and I were supposed to be going to a women's football game, but the opponent folded before the game. So with that out, we went to see the Lansing Lugnuts, your Toronto Blue Jays of the future, the T-shirts noted. The Lugnuts' logo looks like something from a '50s cartoon where the artist simultaneously tried to get across stupid and flustered. On Sunday we traveled to Frankenmuth and Birch Run for chicken (plus 84 starches) and outlet shopping respectively. OK, in my case outlet browsing, but still.

What's really on my mind, though, is this: I don't really know that much about basketball X's and O's, certainly much less than I do about football, and about baseball positioning and strategy. I know what posting up and pick and rolls are, but that's about it. And still, with 9 seconds left last night in overtime and the Pistons up by two, I take one look at the court alignment as the Spurs come out of a timeout and actual say out loud (with 3 witnesses): "Robert Horry is inbounding the ball, and they're leaving him unguarded. That's a really bad..." and then the swish of a 3-pointer roughly coincided with the word "idea." I understand that Larry Brown is a great basketball coach, but, DUDE, WTF?! I mean WTF?! Really? You're going to double-team someone 15 feet away from the net when the worst thing that can happen there is double overtime at home, instead of covering the single player in the league you least want taking a game-winning 3 in a playoff game?! Really?!

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