Thursday, August 11, 2005

A link to Yard Work came across Sportsfilter this week. Some people there apparently weren't clear on the whole "it's a parody" thing--even though the first post at the time was by Ron Dibble arguing for Eric Milton (6-12, 6.48 ERA) for the Cy Young based on being a modern-day Nasty Boy.

Anyway, the whole point of posting here was to say that Yard Work is freakin' hysterical writing about baseball, with pitch perfect parodies of all your favorite broadcast and print sports journalists, along with players and other famous people. Clint Barmes' rookie diary stands out among the players, but what absolutely made the site for me were the Monday and Tuesday Morning Quarterback parodies. There's also an Eric Karabell section (whose name I can neither type nor say without thinking: "What this fantasy football draft more Karabell!"), so perhaps our favorite fantasy sports analyst will appear there soon.

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