Friday, December 16, 2005

As suspected, Wednesday sucked. The morning test was all multiple-choice yet much harder than I'd expected. The afternoon test was 60% multiple choice, which I did first, and then a two-part essay. Unfortunately, the second part was not quite what I was anticipating, so I may have floundered a bit--the saving grace (if any) being that I had some extra time since I finished the multiple choice quickly.

With about 15 minutes left in the second exam (Enterprise Organizations, i.e. Partnerships and Corporations), my brain decided it was done for what I thought was the rest of the day. The proctor called "10 minutes left" and I realized I'd spent 4 or 5 minutes staring off into space--not thinking, not typing, just semi-catatonic. I snapped out of it just long enough to write two sentences in conclusion and called it a day.

I remember long ago hearing a stereotype that law professors don't so much read essays as they go through exams with a checklist of concepts and buzzwords, and grade accordingly. I doubt this is true, but it's my best chance of success in EO, as I wrote a lot of sentences that had something to do with answering the question, but I didn't feel as though any one sentence had much to do with its adjacent sentences.

I was proud of myself for continuing my practice of getting psyched up for the exam by getting to the room early and listening to exam-appropriate music: in this case, Liz Phair's Shitloads of Money and Reel Big Fish's Sell Out.

I noted that I thought my brain was shut down for the rest of the day; in fact, week would have been more apropos. Wednesday night I watched Heat and drank beer. On Thursday, the most productive thing I did was go to the gym. Second-most productive? Returning Heat and other DVDs to the public library. Add on four hours at the dining hall, an hour of billiards, half-hour in the sauna at the gym, 18 holes of Golden Tee, and two bars and all of a sudden a study day is lost. Today I scheduled study time with a friend--we've now been here for 5 hours and I'm on page 5 (of 167) of my class notes.

Every minute that goes by, I'm a minute closer to pass/failing First Amendment.

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