Tuesday, December 13, 2005

They had a "finals study break" event at the student union tonight, clearly an event designed for the undergrads, but it's across the street, so what the hell. Certain events we stayed away from: swing dance lessons (not so cool for a group of 3 guys), make your own music video (ditto, plus you didn't sing), and stress bingo (not sure what the point was). But we did partake of free billiards, and then the "build your own gingerbread house" event.

Actually, it was a build your own house out of graham crackers, candy, and icing. After some false starts, we finally got something somewhat structurally sound together--"we" meaning Tim and James, because no good came of me touching anything. I did add the observation that given all the candy and icing, Dr. Graham would have been spinning in his grave.

At some point I will learn that you can't expect to make jokes about 19th-century health faddists ("Hey, really Fletcherizing that food over there, har har") and alternative medicine practitioners and expect something other than blank stares. That point has not quite come yet. In the meantime, everyone should read (or, I suppose, watch) The Road to Wellville so that you can start catching up.

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