Thursday, January 19, 2006

Joe's week so far by the numbers:

1: hours of class skipped in order to go to bar night
6: number of 135-minute long South Africa classes left
7: approximate percent of brain spent paying attention in South Africa class
10: number of days been to the gym out of the last 11
45: number of minutes spent looking in vain for the updated version of that ridiculous Steeler song
99.57: percentage of waking hours spent thinking about the Steelers
327: approximate number of times listened to the 2004 version of said song
2000: daily caloric goal, enough to sustain average-sized person normally, and at which rate the Internet tells me I should lose 5 pounds per week
2230: actual average caloric intake
4,325,395: actual number of times sworn at self for taking 4-week accelerated course

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