Friday, January 13, 2006

My class schedule is now set, and a weird, wild semester it should be. It's hard for me to imagine a broader array of classes without going out the law school. The classes:

  • Evidence (basic meat and potatoes litigation course)
  • Mergers & Acquisitions (meat and potatoes upper-division corporate law course)
  • Constitutionalism in South Africa (intensive case study of the mid-1990s Constitution-making process in South Africa)
  • Bloodfeuds (or, Icelandic Sagas 101, or The Ultimate Form of Alternative Dispute Resolution)
  • Seminar: "What Makes a Good Life? and What Should Government Do About It?" (heavily philosophical, contemplative readings and discussions)
One nicety/pain is that South Africa is a four-week accelerated class, which is what you live with in exchange for getting a Human Rights Commission member and a Constitutional Court justice to teach it. So my Tuesday-Thursday nights are gone for 3 more weeks, but for the last three months of the semester I get to take 12 credits in a 14-credit semester. So it's a mixed bag. The other important scheduling fact is that I have nothing between 12:15 and 3:30 on any day, so I have gym time built right into my schedule. So far so good on that front, and the daily record-keeping is definitely helping. Finally, I only have 2 finals during finals week, to go along with a mid-semester take-home final and two shortish final papers. I'm sure I'll something to gripe about from this schedule, but so far I can't see it.

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