Thursday, January 26, 2006

Things I have learned so far this semester:

  • The hearsay evidence rule is hard.
  • If you ever find yourself in an Icelandic saga and someone tells you that, based on a dream they had or one of yours that they interpret for you, you should stay away from a particular person, place, or thing, you really really should. But you won't.
  • You should not count on your 20-something colleagues to understand what you mean when you say, "Spotlight on John Rawls, y'all." (Speaking of this, between Lou Rawls and Wilson Pickett, isn't this a horrible time to be featured in "Sweet Soul Music"? If I'm Sam, Dave, or James Brown, I'm staying very far away from any avoidable danger, and certainly avoiding medieval Iceland.)
  • If you ask nicely but not too nicely, Dell will ship you a new power cord. (But thanks for all the helpful suggestions!)

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