Sunday, April 02, 2006

A few quick hits as I enjoy my newfound access to Watusi Rodeo...

  • I've been out of commission from the gym for the last several days, and in a fair amount of intermittent pain to boot, since injuring my neck while doing crunches on Wednesday. The details are not important, but here's the thing--I've been receiving regular emails from my former gym for a couple of years with fitness, nutrition, and safety tips, and they never have useful information along the lines of: if you're in the stretching room doing crunches and out of the corner of your eye you see a super-hot undergrad doing something that looks more like a simulated sex act than an actual exercise, you need to either stop what you're doing or wait until you complete your current set before turning your head to stare, rather than doing it mid-rep.
  • I don't know how long it will be up, but for now you can go to the Indie 103.1 homepage and download "Start Wearing Purple" by Gogol Bordello for free. If you've ever wondered what the crazed intersection of punk and gypsy music would sound like, I daresay this is your opportunity to find out.
  • I love Ben Howland for what he did for Pitt's basketball team, and even though rooting for UCLA goes against everything I believe in (as a USC fan and a dynasty-hater), I genuinely wish him and his program well. Especially since they won me my pool.
  • For the first time in my life I have completely given up on going to a particular class, which is getting the pass-fail treatment. The professor is part of it, and the time slot is part of it. Another part, though, is this weird phenomenon where it seems easier to meet your obligations when you have more of them. Ever since my accelerated class ended I've had a lot more time, and yet I can't get as much done for the 12 leisurely credits I have now than I did when they were accompanied by 2 more very intense credits in January. I don't understand why, but it seems to be inevitable for me. Odd.
  • Another reason I haven't made it there lately is that I've picked up this bad habit of staying out until very late on Monday nights. There's a bar I really like that has a Monday night karaoke night I really like, and I can't resist it. Yes, this is the townie adventure bar I wrote about a while back, and I continue to enjoy my Mondays away from the law quad. Relatedly, any success I have with the opposite sex seems to happen there, and if anything really good happens on that front between now and the end of school, I expect it will start there. For that reason among others, I'm not going to stop going, Tuesday morning class be damned.
  • Oh, and last Monday I finally found a karaoke song I can actually sing (as opposed to rap, which I can pull off ironically) half-decently: Add It Up by the Violent Femmes.
  • I have most of May off after finals and before starting my job, and I'm starting to think that I should spend 7-10 days of it in Mississippi or Louisiana volunteering. But I'm worried about heading into the disaster area with my car full of my stuff as I move across country for the summer. Anyone have any suggestions for what I should do (with stuff, time, etc.)?

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