Monday, April 03, 2006

OK, most of you probably knew this three years ago (most of you with iPods anyway), but I discovered last week how to listen to samples on iTunes. I then spent a shockingly high number of hours listening to playlists called things like, "250 [actually 239] songs from 1988, about 125 [actually 119.5] of which you haven't heard since then," and realizing that if I browsed after a few beers I might accidentally download the entire list. OK, since I've never given the fine people of Apple any credit card info, that won't happen. But I do keep getting these free downloads from my Lexis-Nexis account, and I suspect that one day I'll wake up to find "Heart and Soul" by T'Pau, "No More Lies" by Michel'le, and something by Me'shell NdegéOcello on my hard drive, alongside who knows how many other artists whose names contain an apostrophe but no letter "s".

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