Saturday, April 08, 2006

Well, my month and a half-long obsession with finding summer housing (or, as I'd taken to calling it: Playing Russian Sublette) again seems to be over, as I have (as the sports agents say) accepted in principle an apartment in Koreatown. The major plusses are that I know that part of town, I'll be a 5-minute walk from two kick-ass bars, the place will be cheaper than I was expecting (by a bunch), and I was able to have a friend take a look to make sure it was an ok place. (And here I'd be remiss in not thanking Tom O'Donnell; if you go here and click on "About TIAA-CREF," "View our TV commercials," and "Professor," you can see his national TV debut. He's the student.) The minuses are that I don't get to try out life on the Westside, where I'll probably live permanently, and it's going to be a little farther from work than I'd like--but I should have a nice straight shot down Olympic Boulevard.

Mostly, right now, I'm just glad to be done with the goddamn process, so that I can get back to not doing my school work.

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