Wednesday, January 07, 2004

With the year turning, I didn't exactly make New Year's resolutions, but there are some things I've been thinking about trying to do or trying to do better. First and foremost has been getting back into the gym routine, which sat dormant for 2.5 weeks over the holidays. I've been back the last two mornings and will be there again tomorrow. Since my workout is on a 3-day rotation, that means that by this time tomorrow every part of my body will be hellaciously sore. Good times.

The other thing I'm trying to do is a multi-tiered quasi-resolution with several degrees of specificity. In order from general to specific:
1. To get out of the house more.
2. To get out to more movies.
3. To see more movies at the New Beverly Cinema.

The New Beverly is L.A.'s only (believe it or not) full-time revival house. Here is their January/February schedule. I may be there 5 or 6 times by the middle of this month alone! Every night is a double feature, and the program changes three times a week. Last night I saw Bullitt and didn't stick around for the original Thomas Crown Affair. Tomorrow night I'm planning on catching Wonderland and possibly sticking around for The Doors. There has been some talk that the New Beverly is in trouble; if anyone in L.A. is reading this, please check out their schedule, try to take in some great older movies on the big screen, and tell a friend.

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