Wednesday, April 28, 2004

The case I'm working on involves people who grew up in Steubenville, Ohio. Now, they hadn't really lived there in many years by the time we pick up with them, but recently we've been doing some work with mitigation specialists, and one of the things they need to do is assemble extensive family history information. My project over the last several days has been to take the documents they've assembled, and which we've scanned, and index and describe them for our document database. This could be really boring, except that the documents have been fascinating because, well, a big part of me is still a social historian at heart, and Steubenville is less than 50 miles from Beallsville as the crow flies. So what I'm doing boils down to local social history for me. I know reading 1976 Chamber of Commerce brochures from the Steubenville-Weirton metroplex and 1930s autobiography school composition essays is not for everyone; for me, it's one of the most fun things I'll do on this job. (Of course, it's also not something I have to ask Ed any questions about; draw your own conclusions.)

In other news, everyone who isn't already doing so should be voting in Thought For The Day's new SNL tournament.

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