Saturday, May 01, 2004

As I'd been threatening for a while, I went to Miss Kitty's Parlour last night, which is a weekly event at the Dragonfly nightclub in Hollywood. Roughly half the people who show up are in some sort of fetish or particularly sexual get-up of some sort. I was in the other 50. I think I could have a real blast at this place under the right conditions, the right conditions specifically being that I didn't drive and thus was able to get pretty drunk and lose some inhibitions. As it was, I pretty much watched, did a little bit of that lame no-touch dancing, and hung out with co-worker Shanna and her brother Jim. Apparently it was a particularly gay night there too, so maybe I'd have a better time on a different week. I think I'll probably go back, if only because I have some social issues I really need to work out imperically. Basically, I tend to be skittish about L.A. nightlife because I always expect someone standing out front of each bar with some kind of "You Must Be At Least This Cool To Enter" device that will leave me too short like a six year old trying to get on the Thunderbolt. It never happens, but that hasn't changed my expectation. But if I can start to feel like it's OK to go to even some of the more bizarre L.A. nightspots, when I get to Ann Arbor I shouldn't be afraid of anyplace!

After way too little sleep, I helped Other Joe and Karen move today. In the process I also found out from Solid Acquaintance Jameson that his site has moved to thanks to an extremely obscure Jack Handey quote. Jameson still writes a damn fine website that I don't read nearly often enough, and he's a genius a the Tetris/Jenga game that is filling and unfilling a U-Haul.

I'm watching some sort of rock countdown right now on MTV2. They just showed a flashback to the #1 video seven years ago today and it was The Verve Pipe's Freshmen. And the part of my brain that is constantly telling me how old I am cackled...

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