Saturday, March 12, 2005

So, an interesting (hopefully!) follow-up to the DC-Miami travelogue.

I'm at the bar tonight, and I've been there for quite a while; we were celebrating someone's birthday, a lot of people were out, I've had some Long Islands; good times. Around 12:30, I'm looking over at the bar and a familiar face is standing there. I say, "Dulles-Rosslyn shuttle," and she immediately knows who I am. We talk for a couple of minutes exchanging, for instance, first names for the first time. Finally, I say, "So I was kicking myself all week for not asking you for your number." She tells me she's flattered, but that she's in a relationship; maybe she'll see me around.

A small part of me is depressed at the notion that this might actually represent progress for me; the rest, however, is saying, "hey, progress!"

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