Wednesday, March 16, 2005

You know things are going to go very poorly for someone when you're reading a case in the Torts book, and in the first paragraph any of the following are mentioned: ski lifts, skydiving, high-voltage wires. It's like in an old movie when a child, totally out of context, coughs--you know the kid will be dead within 15 minutes of screen time. It's the second-most inevitable rule of old movies. The most inevitable is that in any movie from about 1933-1955 (i.e. the Hays Production Code era), if two characters are introduced in a movie and they were previously divorced from one another, by the end of the movie they will be remarried. It was just the law.

Apparently, just turning up in a Torts casebook can be harmful, not only to you but to subsequent generations as well.

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