Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The question that I have most frequently asked and been asked over the last 2.5 weeks is a simple yet silly one: how did the interview go? Of course, everyone tries to put a different spin on either, "Who the hell knows?" or "Ask the other guy," or occasionally just a slunked head with a slow, resigned shake. Last week I added six 20-minute interview, three 30-minute interviews, and 2 lunches to the whole on-campus slate. In two weeks I'll be doing two more on another flyback. Conversely, the pile of dings has started to suggest that I have most of the interviews that I'm going to have.

But here's the thing:

It turns out there is an objective test for the whole "how did the interview go?" question, and I can now definitively say this:

  • At least one of my flybacks went well.
  • I will not be scrambling for work next summer.

So, you know, good times...

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