Saturday, September 03, 2005

Thoughts on the week that was:

  • Overall I had 24 interviews from Monday to Thursday, including two that were unscheduled but where I begged onto the schedule. It's kind of a blur, honestly, but by the end I started feeling like I was getting the hang of it. I was totally ready to throw a suit on Friday morning and try again.
  • Things that came up in exactly one interview: my "best available headcase" fantasy draft (Jamal Lewis, Randy Moss, and Jeremy Shockey in the first five rounds), cod (actually, Cod), the Basel II revised international capital framework, my LSAT score, Bulgarian food (similar to Greek, but with much better feta, at least according to the Canadian interviewer with the Bulgarian wife), whether I failed any of my interviewer's friends at USC, Playa Vista.
  • Things that came up in many, many interviews: vaudeville, how 1L year teaches you nothing about transactional work so I want to try it out next summer, my 8-week internship 11 years ago with Arlen Specter that I keep thinking I should take off my resume because I barely remember it.
  • Only one place asked HR-ish questions: "Describe a work situation in which you had to manage conflict." Well, right now I'm conflicted about trying to avoid laughing out loud or punching you in the face.
  • Thursday at lunch I ate at Zoup!, and all I can say about that is that with a name like that, avoid the temptation to have a half-sandwich/small soup combo and just stick to the soup. Outstanding chicken-collard green soup; mediocre at best Italian chicken panini. Then again, I don't really like panini, so I shouldn't have been surprised.
  • In addition to the interviews, I attended 8 evening receptions over 5 nights. Good rule of thumb: when you start asking honest questions or answering questions more honestly than you mean to, it's about time to leave.
  • The gray suit worked out great; the navy suit was OK. The store guy and Dad picked out some great ties as well.
  • One thing you hate to see from one of your few non-headcase draftees is this in the injury report--questionable (artery).
  • I have nothing against subs, but never in my life have I been excited when someone suggests lunch or dinner at Subway or Quizno's.
  • The coolest piece of swag from the four days would have to be the off-brand Magic 8-Ball: The Mystical Orb! The cleverest: the Latham flash drive preloaded with their brochures. The most handy day-to-day: the hi-liter eraser.
  • The practical upshot of all this so far: two callbacks to date, both on the Westside. I'll be flying round-trip coach from Detroit to Los Angeles for a three-day, two-night stay at the fabulous Westin Century Plaza. While there I'll be participating in fun-filled activities such as: interviewing! more interviewing! remembering that lunch is still part of the interview! and collecting receipts for valuable cash reimbursement!

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