Sunday, September 25, 2005

Two things I left out of the Tivo post:

My Fair Brady: I'm not a big celebreality fan, but the first episode of this show was fabulous and made me set up a season pass. The concept, if you're not familiar, is that Christopher (Peter Brady) Knight, 47, and America's Next Top Model Adrienne Curry, 22, are now dating, and this show follows their lives. In the first episode we got to see of the the Go-Gos eat birthday cake off of Adrienne's breasts, and yet it was somehow a big deal when the same Go-Go gave Christopher a bit of a kiss. She is a quality nut-job, and he's a great foil for her crazy.

Awful new commercial type: While watching Carolla the other night I was skipping through commercials when I had to rewind because I couldn't quite believe what I'd seen, but it turned out I had in fact seen it: the 1-900 commercials for a new generation are ads where "actual" "live" "girls" will TEXT MESSAGE YOU!! Oh. My. God. As if phone sex numbers weren't creepy and impersonal enough, now you don't have even the slightest idea of the gender, age, or even actual physical existence of the person you are discoursing with. I don't even have a line here; that's just f*$%ed up.

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