Sunday, November 27, 2005

No Lions and no Steelers this afternoon, but we did finally get a moment we've been waiting for ever since football season started back in July: the Black Eyed Peas' Grey Cup halftime show! It's hard to pick out a favorite element of the performance, but I think we can settle on three. One is that the entire band seemed to be in golf clothing, probably having just come off the links. That is, except the drummers in Edmonton Ricky Ray jerseys--we were reasonably confident that they didn't just wear those from their own personal wardrobe at home. Also, Fergie wasn't in golf clothing, but she was probably in the closest thing to golf clothing she's ever worn. Two was that at the very end it briefly appeared that someone was bringing out the type of oversized check normally only given to charitable organizations, golf champions, and Price is Right contestants. OK, it wasn't actually, but it truly embodied the spirit of the event: namely, the Black Eyed Peas will go anywhere and do anything for a gigantic check. I'm thinking "love for Canadian football" was well down the list of reasons for this gig. Three was the fact that all the camera work gave the feel of an intimate club show or at least an arena show with some intimacy, but after several minutes we got a wide shot revealing that the stage was a tiny island in the middle of a gigantical oversized CFL field. The only people within 50 yards of the band were the sound people and a handful of cheerleaders. We figured none of the fans were bothered by the moderately raunchy show because they could barely see or hear it anyway.

Of course, though we kid, it was about 100 times more musically relevant than any Super Bowl halftime show ever. Although this year we get a young, hip band all the kids seem to love. Or something. Apparently Patti Page, Mitch Miller, and the Andrews Sisters were all unavailable.

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