Thursday, November 10, 2005

With this, I now count the list of former Steeler offensive linemen who have died at or under the age of 50 since 2000 at four:

  • Mike Webster
  • Terry Long
  • Justin Strzelczyk
  • Steve Courson
...and amazingly, none of them are Crazy Carleton Haselrig. Also, I feel like I'm missing at least one. It's starting to get creepy, frankly. Courson's death reminds me of nothing so much as the Anthrax classic NFB (Dallabnikufecin)--fight through years of steroid-related heart disease, finally make a full recovery, only to be felled by a tree. And in the part of Fayette County that only contains two types of people (rich weirdos and poor weirdos) no less. You don't think Tunch Ilkin and Dermontti Dawson look both ways about five times before crossing the street nowadays?

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