Saturday, March 11, 2006

I think I speak for all Steeler fans everywhere when I say that I sincerely hope that this works out better for the national defense than it did for the local defense.

I've had a strange week where a lot of little things have gone badly--none of them bad enough to really bitch about individually, but collectively a pain in the ass. That probably led to the heavy heavy drinking of Thursday night, and the sitting around and doing nothing but watching basketball, which arrived 6 days early yesterday.

The exciting thing Thursday night was that for the third time recently I had the strong perception with an actual evidentiary leg to stand on that a total stranger was interested in me. The really exciting thing was that this time it wasn't a dude. The less exciting thing is that I was too much of a moron drunk to do anything about it. But still, good sign. And it's giving me just enough of a swelled head that I've taken to wearing short sleeves even though it's been too cold for them the last couple of days, in an effort to show off what I am almost approaching the point of thinking about unironically as "the guns." OK, ironically still, but still with more justification than I've ever had before.

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