Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Since several people have asked, no, I haven't found a sublet for summer yet. After the previously documented debacle, I decided to stop looking for a while because it was just making me mad and piling on stress that I don't need. I'll start looking again after this weekend.

Speaking of which, one of the reasons I haven't posted anything lately is that it's that time of year again, when I'm refreshing and Deadspin approximately every 38 seconds looking for information about "sleepers," "Cinderellas," and "chalk." It's appropriate to warn you that I've picked my most vanilla bracket ever this year, so expect chaos. Final Four is UCLA, UConn, Villanova, and Iowa, with UConn over UCLA in the championship game. As usual, all I'll be rooting for by Friday night is that all the #1 seeds get knocked off ASAP. And, of course, Pitt, now that those Kent bastards don't seem to have any future Pro Bowlers on the roster this time. Other than Pitt, I can't see any major conference teams that I'm really rooting for, so I hope the mid-majors can mix things up a bit.

BTW, if you're a commentator on a major sports website, and you're asked to predict an upset and you pick a 10/7 game, you should just be stopped. In my mind, upset = 12 seed or lower in the first round, and "Cinderella" means a 5 or above in the Elite Eight, an 8 or above in the Sweet Sixteen, or a 13 or above winning a game. Anything less is simply business as usual.

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