Wednesday, May 05, 2004

DEK has posted some pictures of TRASHionals including this one of yours truly resplendent in ABA-wear, and this one of what appears to be the demon spawn of Opus the Penguin and Madame of "Wayland Flowers and" fame.

The exciting conclusion of 10.5 did not disappoint last night, as we got all of the following:

  • Ivan Sergei continuing, for some reason, to take precious time asking his dad what's going on in high-level secret government affairs while his dad is busy, you know, trying to save millions of live.
  • The declaration, according to a TV news crawl, of "Marshal Law".
  • Extreme levels of the most manipulative music possible.
  • Fred Ward riding a nuclear warhead deep into the ground Slim Pickens style, getting impaled with the thing, and getting pep-talked into pressing the last button in the manual override sequence.
  • The discovery that everything in the movie takes place in one day, from the pickup basketball game in DC at the beginning, the assembly of a crack team of geologists (ha! crack!, anyway...) in L.A., two of those geologists flying up to Redding to explore, those geologists flying back to L.A., the evacuation of the entire West Coast to tent cities inland, those geologists flying back out to the Kern River, those geologists flying back to Barstow, and most curiously, John Schneider and Kaley Cuoco hitchhiking from Redding to Barstow (where all of Southern California is converging) in apparently about half an hour or so.
  • The earthquake apparently HUNTING DOWN all of the survivors as it redirects itself directly toward Barstow where it SPLITS THE TENT CITY IN HALF!!
  • Beau Bridges explaining how, even though we've gone through this horrible tragedy (presumably the earthquake, not the movie), we're going to get this this together and move one and get stronger and BLAH BLAH BLAH

That said, if it started again tonight, I'd probably be watching it again tonight. Except that the season finale of Scrubs is starting momentarily, so I'd better wrap this up.

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