Monday, May 03, 2004

I hope no one out there is missing the TV event of this or any other season: 10.5, or "Those Who Deny the Theory of Earthquakes May Be Earthquakes Themselves," or "In Order to Stop an Earthquake, Kim Delaney Will Have to Become.....An Earthquake!" If you like disaster movies, bad movies, really really bad movies, still worse movies, even worse geology, that hot jailbait chick from 8 Simple Rules, $100 million movies with $14 million budgets, and special effects scenes prominently featuring Matchbox cars--then you'll LOVE 10.5! The highlight of last night was when Kim Delaney came back from investigating the spot where her version of events is supposedly happening, and Fred Ward's FEMA director says something like, "I ask you to get me some evidence and you bring back what, gas bubbles? Soil samples?" Leading Jeff and myself--not exactly trained geoloticians or anything--to wonder just what might constitute geological evidence OTHER than soil samples?! Oh and in the opening scene when the President tells Ward's character during a pickup basketball game, "I know you're desperate when you start going for the longshot." Again, we turn to each other and say, "we're going to need that information later on." We did.

If you missed it, watch it when (if) it's rerun this summer, and if you miss it again (or if they don't), by all means get yourself the DVD. It'll be the best $7.99 remainder bin purchase of your life.

Oh yeah, also, sometime in the last 24 hours this site surpassed 10,000 hits--that means I've gotten at least 6,000 hits that aren't me checking to see if I've gotten more hits. Thanks to all the regular visitors (and constipated visitors) who've made that possible!

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